Explore Your Kink – BDSM 101
with Partrick “Kilted” Mann and Slave Siobhan

Tuesday, July 14 @ 7:30 PM via ZOOM

Zoom Link for tonight
Meeting ID: 960 8182 2684
Password: 2i7dnM


Talk Sexy is a sex positive, body positive, all inclusive community.  Education, exploration, radical self expression and support for each other is our mission.   We believe that sexual expression is just one way to express yourself, providing you a deeper understanding and acceptance of you. We want you to fully accept your sexuality and use it for personal transformation. We want you to have personal experience that leads to better, deeper relationships and cultural transformation. 

Through education and experience comes understanding. Understanding leads to acceptance.  Acceptance makes the world a better place.


Help us keep our home Studio Friction open and going through this difficult time for all of us.